Over the years Swart Development fulfilled numerous ICT projects.

A fruitful cooperation was and has been established with well known companies. 
To give you a quick insight in the customers and the projects Swart Development was or is involved in, here is a list of the most important ones.  

With almost 30 Boeing 737s and around 5 million passengers each year, Transavia.com has grown to a major player on the short haul holiday market. 
The airliner depends on a steady working internet based information system. 
For Transavia.com Swart Development helped with technical consultancy and development. 
Here some topics of significance:
Message bus (ESB) for third party to book / rebook flight, and helping the third party developers connecting to this Message bus.  
Some thirty party companies (agents): Amadeus, Reglomixer, Travelfusion, Hitchhiker….;
Several back office products: Blacklist fraud protection, Group booking tool (offer work flow), MQ Messaging standards between applications.      

After the merge with Air France in 2004, KLM-Air France became one of the worlds largest airline companies. 
The Amsterdam based KLM handles on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol tens of thousands passengers each day. 
For departure control, existing systems were used to build new applications like Axis Checkin, Axis Gate and Axis Transfer. 
Swart Development took part in this project and helped both building the Axis applications and making development standards. 
To create a constructive development policy for the future, Swart Development used its experience and set standards to train new developers. 

For this yacht broker company, Swart Development is responsible for the website and back office software, which included a fully integrated system for storing contacts and events as well as making sale, find and work orders and the possibility to publish sale orders to internet.  
In order to support online events and events on location, Swart Development was attracted to build several web applications.

Dsolution.biz is a company that builds e-commerce software for the airline industry. 
As partner of this company, Swart Development was responsible for all the software like booking engines, internet check-in facilities and rebook modules. 
Airlines that use products of d​solution.biz are amongst others Emirates, Taca, Malev, SLM, Kenia Airways, Win-Air....

Martinair is the other Dutch airline. Its focus lies on long haul flights and brings passengers to the Caribbean. Besides passenger transport, Martinair has also built a worldwide cargo network. 
Swart Development has helped Martinair with several ICT projects like:Massage bus for standardization of messages between several applications and third parties.
Setting up development standards and giving trainings to software developers.